Muses in Hermitage, the Winter palace in Peter’s Burge

One day I found video ” Russian Ark” in Library. It ias the documentary film about Hermitage the palace filmed “War and Peace”, “Peter the Great” and ” Nicholi and Alexandra” Every time they filmed in the palace I noticed young girls with fairy dress running through corridors. I always wanted to paint them. Original…

I am a ballerina

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. The dream passed on to my daughter and she performed a part in “Nut Cracker, suit”, This picture reflect upon my daughter. I love the way a little girl pretend and play ballerina, princes or dressing ups for high tea. It awaken a…

chabana 茶花

At tea ceremony, the master take a flower simply throw in the container. There are no rule for the flower bring spring into the tea house. Wabi-Sabi is basically humble, natural and that concept creates imperfection. Nature is the main character. Not for sale, available in greeting card.

Drop of the Spring

In the early spring I see remains of dew, frost or rain gather in puddles. Original water-color painting $300, no limited edition. available at AlbertaStudio1627, 1627 NE Alberta, Upstairs, Gallery4thdimension.


In my version of Portland Oregon, a river-town with lots of bridges. When the sun just starts the day the sleepy town slowly waking up. Though there are more development in recent years the river still is surrendered by the trees and woods. I imagine how it was looked years and years ago. Original water-color-painting…

walk this way dear

Don’t you wish Spring come soon? Original water-color by Tokiko Anderson $500, no limited edition 24×35 available at AlbertaStudio1627,1627 NE Alberta, Gallery 4th dimension, Upstairs