Round midnight

Round midnight

He was in jam session at the Heathman Lounge. Tonight Tom Grant, Leroy Vinegar, Bill Beach, lots of sax and horn players wanting to see Jon Coltrain. He came alone with his saxophone hoping to play with the man. He waited behind other players play with Coltrain.
The Sun started to break the dark of night. The cloud of musician went home one by one. He was there at the time of opening and he was the last person to leave. He couldn’t play with Coltrain. No one knew why he was there. He walked long way home. On his way he stopped on top of the hill and played to the rising sun. “Round Midnight” writing and watercolor by tokikoanderson at FirSide Gallery, AlbertaStudio1627
Original watercolor painting by
Tokiko Anderson $600 with or without frame, you can take home with frame if you like without extra charge.
Limited edition, $15, original work


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