Easter Sunday in the Pittock’s Mansion

Easter is coming I had planed for the big event. Unfortunately the event must have to post phone few times. On my business cards I have encouraged everybody to visit this site and invited viewers to join the silent Auction I have promised each weekends but i have not been keeping promiss. I really wanted…

Big Fair

1905 turn of the century, Portland hosted the world to. At the time Thomas Edison invented the light Ball and many other inventions sat up the manufacture-revolution, cities hosted Big-Fairs all over the world, Paris, Buffalo, New York, Chicago, “St. Luis purchase exposition” followed by “Lewis and Clark Exposition. The scene portrait a harpest play…


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Bridges on Willamett

Although there are many highway Bypass and Sky scrapers in West side of the Waterfront, To me there are still quiet green islands in the river give us a head start on Terwilliger passer ways.