Easter Sunday in the Pittock’s Mansion

Easter Sunday in the Pittock's Mansion

Easter is coming I had planed for the big event. Unfortunately the event must have to post phone few times. On my business cards I have encouraged everybody to visit this site and invited viewers to join the silent Auction I have promised each weekends but i have not been keeping promiss. I really wanted to make the LastThursday but Emergency visit, prescribing extra-medication held me up and the change of condition is seemingly pulling me down. I am confined in my daughter’s guestroom bed since last week unable to get up.
I will go to the radiation treatment from Monday for two week, so I will be more unable but I still want to do the event hopefully starting in the end of April because I still want to sell enough artworks for the tour of Japan.
I feel like being famous artist discovered at the end of his life:).
Lately I have not able to host the gallery4th dimension each weekends but you are welcome to visit the gallery . leave a note for me.
the “Easter Sunday” , Original Water-Color $500 without frame, no limited Edition
Available at AlbertaStudio1627, Upstairs, gallery 4th Dimension,



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