Tokiko, in her own words . . .
” . . . I’m glad I still have time to paint the way I see the world. I want to share the passion for the aesthetic with who appreciate the story reflect upon the modest existence, nostalgia of everyday life, the simple beauty around us can be forgotten. I don’t paint unusual, shocking images or political statements.  The art is my comfort, enjoy and blend myself in.  I live to paint.  For the first time in my life I feel free. I’ve granted myself the freedom to paint the way I feel.”
“The assassinations of 3, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and following civil-right move influenced my family the ordinary Japanese as well. When I fell in love with African American I did not hesitated to marry him. It is natural and right thing to do at that time. We believed love can overcome the difficulties. At the Fall of Saigon I came to America with my ex-husband and children.
The love has overcome the difficulties but unemployment did not. 10 years to the marriage when we divorced I drove 11 year old Chevy with the smallest UHaul attached through Rocky mountain snowy month after received the driver’s license. I was naïve or ignorant. My language ability made it impossible to finding a job I created a job for myself to feed kids and roof over our head.
The next 10 years I worked, finished ESL and took art-classes as well. When children found job and home on their own I started to painting and searched exhibit and marketing opportunities. Before long I was diagnosed incurable disease, stage 4, 15 years ago. Coincidentally I was inherited sum from my father.Thinking my life will be 10 more years I decided to live on art alone. I opened gallery . . .”
Tokiko, others words . . .
“Ethereal. Subtle. Soft. Warm. These words come to mind when I view Tokiko Anderson’s work. It’s like experiencing an embracing kiss, or a soft word, or gentle caress. The warmth Tokiko’s work exudes is healing in ways, and speaks to the soul. A comforting feeling glows within each piece, and I can’t help feeling a gentle peace flood through me like the turning of the seasons, combined with a lightness and feeling – I can almost hear a violin played in the far distance like a passing emotion every time I contemplate her artwork. Tokiko’s work consists of personal stories, music, and everyday observations captured in simple elegance coupled with a magical, ethereal quality.  She speaks of her life in America, how at age 60 she began to learn to live with the flow thus affecting her art, and how the absence of lines in an artwork creates a vision beyond.” http://theartcrown.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-ethereal-elegance-of-tokiko.html

Tokiko, I love your work…mysterious, fluid, textural and delicate. Really beautiful! Ms. Cleary

 . . . Tokiko Anderson who combines abstract and whimsical, elegant illustrations http://michellerosalind.wordpress.com/tag/tokiko-anderson/

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